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Indie Author Lifestyle provides weekly advice, resources, and best practices for indie authors and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers.

Your main hub for real talk, real life, and real strategies for the indie author life. Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and let’s chat.

Angela J. Ford is an International Best-selling Fantasy author and the Pantser of Indie Author Lifestyle. Stephanie BwaBwa is an Epic Fantasy author and the Plotter of IAL. Join them both each week as they chat about writing, marketing, and living your best indie life.

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034: What Happens if you Don’t want to be a Full-Time Author

034: What Happens if you Don’t want to be a Full-Time Author

What happens when you decide you don't want to be a full time indie author? Listen in as we discuss how to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and why it might be a smart choice to ensure you have multiple streams of income. IN EPISODE 34 YOU WILL LEARN: Do you really...

The best place to learn the ins and outs of the indie author career life. You’ll learn about writing, publishing, book marketing, and more alongside fellow indies pursuing the same dreams and achieving indie author success.

Indie Author Lifestyle was founded in 2019 by International Bestselling Author Angela J. Ford (the pantser) and YA Fantasy Author, Stephanie BwaBwa (the plotter).

Indie Author Lifestyle was created to support and encourage indie authors and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers by providing weekly advice, resources, and best practices for finding success as an author.

On the podcast we discuss topics related to the craft of writing, the technical aspects of publishing, creative ways to market your book (even if you’re on a budget), author platforms, branding, and the everyday lifestyle of indie authors.

We go beyond writing, marketing and publishing to discuss real issues that affect indie authors, like burnout, writer’s block, health and balancing a career while taking care of family, working other jobs and going through life changes.

What you do in life counts and Indie Author Lifestyle is all about supporting your author career AND your life. 

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