5 Minutes Really Can Change Your Life

Angela J. Ford
August 23, 2019
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I have to tell you something.

I am happy.

And for a while I felt a little embarrassed about it. 

How silly is that?

Embarrassed because I’m happy! 

I shut down social media a little bit, stopped talking as much, stopped chatting it up with people because I’m doing good. I’m happy!

Sure I still struggle with things. I did not edit the chapters I was supposed to edit today. (1 out for 4 isn’t too bad, is it?)

I wrote so whooping 250 words instead of 2500. (I’m only missing one zero. It’s okay.)

My internet connection acted up.

But I got up, went to work with my husband (who is a personal trainer), had a great workout and started off the day in a brilliant mindset.

Which means regardless of how the day went, regardless of what I did or did not get done, it did not affect my mood.

I’m happy.

I’m blessed.

I’m so thankful for life.

Yes, I can still get things done. I might take a few hours during the evening to catch up a bit on work.

But here’s the thing. Life is beautiful and important. And we can’t go through our days stressed and feeling like we are in the middle of drowning. That anxiety and overwhelm is awful, and sometimes it just takes a mindset shift to change our days, change our minds and focus on the things that bring us joy. 

So. If you’re having a hard time. If you’re stressed and overwhelmed and anxiety is threatening to eat you alive. Take a time out.

  • Tune out the web and get out in nature.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Head to the gym.
  • Get out your frustrations.
  • Have coffee with a friend.
  • Talk about your fears, frustrations and concerns.
  • Journal it out of you need to. 

You’re here for a purpose and you shouldn’t enjoy your life and get to that moment where, regardless of what’s going on, you can be happy. Without faking it.

How do you get started?

It starts with something small.

Something simple.

My go to moment is each morning when I take that first epic sip of coffee and a shot of caffeine shoots through my bloodstream. That is a happy moment. A satisfactory moment. A good way to start the day.

I recall being stressed out. Having no money and being afraid to walk out the door. I remember having nightmares because I was so afraid. Afraid to open up. Afraid to live.

It seemed like everyone and everything was out to get me. Until I had a major mindset shift. It all started with The 5 Minute Journal.

It was a Christmas present. And when I opened it up, I knew it was exactly what I needed.

For three months I started writing, being diligent with recording my moments of gratitudes, my hopes and dreams, my fears and thoughts.

Every. Single. Day.

It still blows my mind to look back on the things I wrote down. On the dreams I desperately wished and hoped and prayed for.

Two years later.

Only two years after I began the journal.

Almost every single one of those dreams and wishes and hopes has been fulfilled.

It’s an amazing feeling. The freedom. The joy. The happiness. And it all starts with setting the intention.

Forgive me for being cheesy but 5 minutes really can change your life.

Grab The Five Minute Journal here.

Want more real talk? Need a jolt of inspiration? 

Angela J. Ford
Angela J. Ford is a bestselling epic fantasy author who has sold over 30,000 copies and has had over 10 million page reads in Kindle Unlimited. Her books have been ranked bestsellers in multiple categories. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing World of Warcraft with her husband. First and foremost, Angela is a reader and can often be found with her nose in a book.

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