Indie Author Lifestyle is currently accepting submissions for its first bi-annual anthology publication.

Publication Title: Void of the Temple: An anthology of fantasy priest and priestess stories.

Anthology Information and Details:

Wordcount: 10 – 15K. Please adhere to this or your submission may be denied.

Submission Window: April 17th, 2020 – October 17th, 2020

Payment: There will be no pay outs or buy ins. This is strictly for publicity purposes. After 6 months, the rights of the story go back to you and you can re-publish yourself should you choose.

Language: English. We will accept stories from authors all over the world so long as they’re written/translated into the English language.

Anthology Release Date: November 17th, 2020

Anthology Prompt and theme:

Theme: Priests and Priestesses. Anything having to do with them, or a Priesthood, Prophetic figures, etc.

Prompt: A priest. A temple. Insurmountable doom and danger.”

Whatever you write is open and up to you. As long as it involves a priest/priestess and an engaging, thrilling story! Have fun, and write on.

Anthology Guidelines:

* Please email your submission to us directly at: submissions@indieauthorlifestyle.com

* We’re NOT doing develepmental edits of submissions. Your submission needs to have gone through your editor prior to submitting. If it’s obvious it hasn’t, your piece will be rejected.

* How many submissions we are accepting will be shared in time.

* Dates for confirmation of whether your story has been accepted or not will be shared soon.

* If your story was not accepted, feel free to email: submissions@indieauthorlifestyle.com to learn more about why.

* Submitted work cannot have appeared in any prior publications. It must be a new story for publishing. We do not accept reprints or multiple prints.

* We will not, under any circumstances, allow fanfiction.

* We require cover letters for all submissions. Your cover letter must include: Full name, Pen Name, Word count, Story Title, Story blurb/synopsis (350 words or less).

* Please, for the love of all the baby goats in the world, make sure submissions are in: 12 font, Times New Roman, and double spaced with clean/easy to decipher scene breaks.

* Submissions must be in: DOC or DOCX or PDF format.

What we’ll accept for publication:

* Stories that maintain a fantasy thread. Any sub-genre of fantasy is fine. Epic fantasy is most welcome of all.

* We respect and love diversity of all kinds.

* Strong male AND strong female leads.

* Stories involving priests, priesthoods, priestesses, temples, shrines of worship, etc.

* YA, NA, Epic, Contemporary, Romance, Thrillers. YES. Give us all of them.

* We love beautifully written prose, detailed world building, powerful characters and arcs, and engaging storylines with mystery and intrigue.

* Keep the happily-NEVER-afters to yourself please. We want happy endings, no matter how tragic the story leading to it is.

* Romance is good for the soul. Feel free to include lots of it. It’s not necessary – but it earns brownie points.

What will be rejected and denied publication:

* Your work will be instantly rejected if you are not in compliance with the word count limits, doesn’t contain a strong thread of fantasy, and doesn’t center around a priest, priestess, or priesthood.

* Your work will be instantly rejected if it contains any amount of erotica, racial slurs, over abundance of profanity, situations lacking consent, or anything considered prejudice, cruel, or provoking/triggering.

* Your work will be instantly rejected if we discover it has been published elsewhere prior to submission.

* Your work will be instantly rejected if there is rape, pedophillia, beastiality, or any other things that make us cringe.

* Your work will be rejected if it is horror! Dark fantasy is fine. Outright horror, is not.

Final notes from angela j. ford & stephanie bwabwa:

We absolutely love fantasy and the amazing stories that get told through this lens. We also have one major rule: Always have fun

This anthology is first and foremost for the Indie Author Lifestyle community to bring fabulous pieces together in one form of work, but others absolutely are welcome.

After 6 months, your rights are also released back to you, and you can re-publish or do whatever you please.

Please do not submit any work if you are not in agreement to any of these guidelines and specifications. 

We can’t wait to read your stories and hope to publish with you!- Angela and Stephanie

Contact Information:

If you have any other questions or inquiries before you submit, please be sure to email directly: submissions@indieauthorlifestyle.com. We’ll do our best to respond within 48 hours during business hours.

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