Plotters Edition: How to Pre-Write Your Novel In 6 Steps

Plotters tend to love a good roadmap to turn to when it comes to tackling their stories. Pre-writing a novel is a surefire way to avoid a messy draft and more revisions than you'd want. In this article we'll discuss some steps for you to consider so your drafting...

Lessons Learned from Selling 1,000 Books in 6 Days

Indie authors seem to be divided into two camps, those who are making good money from their books and those who are struggling to bring in a steady trickle of sales. When the magic isn't happening, it feels daunting but read this before you give up all hope. I'm well...

Add Flair to your Fiction and Improve your Novel Writing Skills

This post originally appeared on angelajfordmarketing.com What do you do to add flair to your stories and improve your novel writing skills? For me, it all started with one-star reviews. They are soul-crushing. I pour my heart into my stories and it a vulnerable...

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Author Website on WordPress

If you’re a first time starter to building your own website, here are some quick tips to help you get on your way.

World Building Blueprint: An Epic Guide to Building Your World From Scratch

Building a well-developed world that is as real as the one we are blessed to live in, can be daunting. It is the painstaking duty of the author to undertake crafting every little detail. Often, most of what is created won’t end up in the pages on your novel – but crafting them is still necessary.

5 Minutes Really Can Change Your Life

I have to tell you something. I am happy. And for a while I felt a little embarrassed about it.  How silly is that? Embarrassed because I’m happy!  I shut down social media a little bit, stopped talking as much, stopped chatting it up with people because I’m doing...

Plotters Edition: How to pre-write your novel in 6 easy steps

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Lessons learned from selling 1,000 books in 6 days

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Add flair to your fiction and improve your writing skills

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The beginners guide to creating an author website on WordPress

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World Building Blueprint: An epic guide to building your world from scratch

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How 5 minutes really can change your life

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