Behind the Indie Mic

Hey, we’re Angela and Stephanie. Fellow Pantser, Plotter, and your new best friends.

In an industry where “doing all the things” to make another buck and stay afloat seems to trending, we’re here to shift the conversation.

On the Indie Author Lifestyle Show, we’re committed to teaching you actionable strategies that lead to a successful indie author career and life. We’re Angela J. Ford, International Bestselling Fantasy author, and Stephanie BwaBwa, YA Fantasy author. Grab your filled mugs, bring your notepad, and let’s get to work.

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If you’re new, the best place to get started is the IAL Podcast. This is where Angela and Stephanie share all of their best insights, together with their inspirational guests, as they share their unpopular opinions.

Please email them directly for all media and podcast enquiries, and technical support:

The company: info@indieauthorlifestyle.com, Angela: angela@indieauthorlifestyle.com, Stephanie: stephanie@indieauthorlifestyle.com

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