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Angela J. Ford is an International Best-selling Fantasy author and the Pantser of Indie Author Lifestyle. Stephanie BwaBwa is an Epic Fantasy author and the Plotter of IAL. Join them both each week as they chat about writing, marketing, and living your best indie life.

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Maram Tiabah
Maram Tiabah
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Jeffrey L. Kohanek
Robert Zangari - Headshot
Robert Zangari
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Andy Peloquin
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JA Andrews
Elise Kova
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Your Weekly Guide to An Indie Author Career and Life

The Indie Author Lifestyle Show provides weekly advice, resources, and best practices for indie authors and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers.

The podcast features the purview of a plotter and a pantser as they provide clarity on the best way to navigate reaching a succesful indie author career.

Highlights include bestselling indie authors, their multi-passionate endeavors within the writing industry, the lifestyles of indies, and the processes it took to get there.

We discuss topics related to writing, publishing, book marketing, author platforms, author branding, and the everyday lifestyle of indie authors.

Our goal remains: Conversational episodes with a plotter, a pantser, and value on all aspects of living your best indie life. Welcome Indies.

034: What Happens if you Don’t want to be a Full-Time Author

034: What Happens if you Don’t want to be a Full-Time Author

What happens when you decide you don't want to be a full time indie author? Listen in as we discuss how to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and why it might be a smart choice to ensure you have multiple streams of income. IN EPISODE 34 YOU WILL LEARN: Do you really...

032: Developing Consistent Writing Habits During the Summer

032: Developing Consistent Writing Habits During the Summer

Do you have consistent writing habits? In episode 32, we discuss how we develop consistency especially amid distractions and differing schedules. Listen in for pro tips on how to develop consistent writing habits during the summer. IN EPISODE 32 YOU WILL LEARN: How to...

030: Should you Pants or Plot your Next Novel?

030: Should you Pants or Plot your Next Novel?

Should you pants or plot your next novel? In episode 30 we dig into the pros and cons of plotting or pantsing your novel. IN EPISODE 30 YOU WILL LEARN: Consider whether your are a more spontaneous person or tend to be more organized and structured. Rules for pantsers...

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029: How To Co-Write an Epic Fantasy Series with Robert Zangari

Interesting in co-writing an epic fantasy series? Robert Zangari takes us behind the scenes of cowriting a 12-book series with his dad. IN EPISODE 29 YOU WILL LEARN: The creative freedom of self-publishing. How to take someone else's vision and incorporate ideas to...

028: Book Launching Basics: Pricing, Pre-Orders and Planning

To pre-order or not to pre-order? 99 cents or full price? This episode covers book launching challenges authors face and simple steps to overcome them. IN EPISODE 28 YOU WILL LEARN: Should you pre-order or live launch? The answer may surprise you.How established...

026: The Healthy Indie Author

Are you a healthy indie author? In today’s episode, we talk about staying healthy while staying at home. We also share from our personal lives what we are doing to stay mentally and physically healthy. IN EPISODE 26 YOU WILL LEARN: What you feed your mind is...

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