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Angela J. Ford is an International Best-selling Fantasy author and the Pantser of Indie Author Lifestyle. Stephanie BwaBwa is an Epic Fantasy author and the Plotter of IAL. Join them both each week as they chat about writing, marketing, and living your best indie life.

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Indie Authors Featured on the Podcast

Robert Zangari - Headshot
Jeffrey L. Kohanek
Robert Zangari - Headshot
Robert Zangari
andy peloquin
Andy Peloquin
J.T. Williams
Jordan Rivet
Miri C. Golden
Alisha Klapheke
Melissa Frey
JA Andrews
Elise Kova
Meg Cowley
Emma Hamm
Aaron Hodges
Shayla Raquel

Your Weekly Guide to An Indie Author Career and Life

The Indie Author Lifestyle Show provides weekly advice, resources, and best practices for indie authors and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers.

The podcast features the purview of a plotter and a pantser as they provide clarity on the best way to navigate reaching a succesful indie author career.

Highlights include bestselling indie authors, their multi-passionate endeavors within the writing industry, the lifestyles of indies, and the processes it took to get there.

We discuss topics related to writing, publishing, book marketing, author platforms, author branding, and the everyday lifestyle of indie authors.

Our goal remains: Conversational episodes with a plotter, a pantser, and value on all aspects of living your best indie life. Welcome Indies.

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