001: What Indie Authors Need: Community & Collaboration

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Are you ready to get the support you need for your author career and life? Join International Indie Bestseller, Angela J. Ford, and fantasy author, Stephanie BwaBwa, as they talk all things writing, publishing, and the real life of an indie author. Welcome to the Indie Author Lifestyle Show. Living your best indie life starts here.

In episode one we discuss:

  • Pantser versus plotter – what projects we are working on using our unique styles.
  • Being intentional about who/what we follow on social media.
  • The #1 thing you can do to make your writing more personal and relatable.
  • Why you NEED a community of support for your author career.
  • Real talk for when priorities shift.
  • Plus our personal experiences going it alone versus having a community of support.

The journey to becoming a full-time author on your own terms doesn’t have to be lonely or hard. We have an awesome community where we chat daily, write together, and motivate each other.

We also have courses and a monthly membership for those who need an inner circle of indie authors who are working just as hard towards their writing circles and sharing all the intimate strategies they’ve learned to become the writers they are.

If you wish join in the discussions taking place in the Indie Author Lifestyle Community, click here.

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