002: 3 Critical Elements of Story

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Are you ready to get the support you need for your author career and life? Join International Indie Bestseller, Angela J. Ford, and fantasy author, Stephanie BwaBwa, as they talk all things writing, publishing, and the real life of an indie author. Welcome to the Indie Author Lifestyle Show. Living your best indie life starts here.

In episode two you will learn:

  • Settings, characters, or theme? What comes first when writing?
  • What pantsers should do before they begin to write.
  • Why free writing is critical to preventing writers block.
  • Before and after: Using plot to trigger your story, world-building, and character motivations.
  • How to use the 5 senses to make your story come alive.
  • 2 reasons why you should read more books.
  • Why you shouldn’t be intimidated by your favorite authors and what you should do to reach their level.

The journey to becoming a full-time author on your own terms doesn’t have to be lonely or hard.

We have an awesome community where we chat daily, write together, and motivate each other.

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What are the key elements of story for you?

What is the #1 thing you need to write your novel?

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