006: Elements of World Building for your Fictional Novel with Stephanie BwaBwa

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Are you ready to get the support you need for your author career and life? Join International Indie Bestseller, Angela J. Ford, and fantasy author, Stephanie BwaBwa, as they talk all things writing, publishing, and the real life of an indie author. Welcome to the Indie Author Lifestyle Show. Living your best indie life starts here.

In episode six you will learn:

  • What is world building and where to start.
  • How to visualize your world.
  • Macro versus micro world building.
  • Things to think about before creating your magic system.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Here are the 6 steps for creating your world.
  • The role of research, history and creativity in world building.
  • How to use the unexpected in world building.
  • Balancing world building, doing something new and different and still hitting the tropes that fans are going to love.
  • Why you shouldn’t skip steps when it comes to world building.

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