An Entrepreneurial Path to Multiple Stream of Income with Melissa Frey
017: An Entrepreneurial Path to Multiple Stream of Income with Melissa Frey
January 31, 2020

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Indie Author Lifestyle
Indie Author Lifestyle
017: An Entrepreneurial Path to Multiple Stream of Income with Melissa Frey

Entrepreneur and Author, Melissa Frey, shares her tips on running a Kickstarter, starting a YouTube channel and reaching your audience on Instagram.

In episode seventeen you will learn:

  • How to find your author voice and finish your first draft.
  • Why it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you finish.
  • Learning from your mistakes and determining if and when you should re-release your book.
  • Using Kickstarter as a way for friends and family to support you and offset your publishing costs.
  • Inexpensive incentives to use for your Kickstarter.
  • Using YouTube as another medium to connect with your audience.
  • Tips for making your words easier to read and who to hire to edit your next book (hint: hire Melissa!).
  • Using Instagram as an author and learning the ins and outs to make it fun and rewarding.
  • Why it’s important to know your branding and how to use your unique personality to connect with readers using Instagram.
  • Three tips to help kickstart your engagement on Instagram.

About Melissa Frey

Melissa Frey (pronounced “fry”) is an Indie Author, Book Editor, AuthorTuber, Instagrammer, and Course Creator. Her debut novel, The Secret of the Codex, was relaunched on November 12, 2019, with a new cover and new content. The second book in the series, The Prophecy of the Codex, is scheduled for release later this year. The series follows a group of four archaeological professors and students on their quest to uncover an ancient secret and keep the power of that secret safe from those who want to steal it for themselves. It’s a great read for people who love action, adventure, superpowers, mystery, suspense, and a little romance!

Melissa recently released the Instagram for Authors Course where she helps authors navigate the sometimes confusing world of Instagram. She designed it for authors new to the platform as well as those who have a presence there but are looking to level up. Please use code INDIE10 to get $10 off the course!

She’s also a Book Editor. She loves to help other authors polish their work until it shines! Melissa takes great pride in cultivating a professional, collaborative, and stress-free environment so the author can realize their dream of perfecting and publishing their book with confidence.

Connect with Melissa Frey

Bonus: Instagram for Authors Course

Use code INDIE10 to get $10 off the course! Learn more here.

The journey to becoming a full-time author on your own terms doesn’t have to be lonely or hard.

We have an awesome community where we chat daily, write together, and motivate each other.

Join the Indie Author Lifestyle Community by going to www.indieauthorlifestyle.com/innercircle.

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