Ep-25-J.T. Williams
025: Write, Publish, Repeat with Bestselling Fantasy Author J.T. Williams
March 31, 2020

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Indie Author Lifestyle
025: Write, Publish, Repeat with Bestselling Fantasy Author J.T. Williams

Simple steps to becoming a six-figure author: write, publish, repeat, featuring bestselling fantasy author, J.T. Williams.


  • How to go from part-time writer to full-time writer without losing your productivity.
  • Setting up boundaries for yourself to keep the words flowing.
  • The pros and cons of bouncing between books and writing more than one series at a time.
  • How to determine what series to spend your time on and how to use reader engagement to determine what you should write next.
  • What to do if you have books out and they aren’t selling.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for your books to be perfect before you publish, here’s what to do instead.
  • Using marketing to set yourself up for a six-figure indie career.
  • Advertising strategies for a book series and why you should trust your gut.
  • Who to target when you advertise your books on Facebook and Amazon Ads.
  • Why you should never stop promoting your books.
  • Pricing your books and why 99 cents might not be the best price for conversions and reader loyalty.
  • Understanding also-boughts and why you shouldn’t mess them up.


USA TODAY BESTSELLING author J.T. Williams writes both epic fantasy, inspired by the likes of Tolkien, Salvatore, and Brooks, along with darker sword and sorcery, fueled by countless hours playing Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, and many other fantasy RPG/ MMORPGs. When he isn’t writing, he wages war in his backyard with his children having make-believe battles against the orcs invading from next door. He is married and has five little orc slayers.

As a longtime lover of fantasy and the surreal, he hopes you enjoy his contributions to the world of fantasy and magic.



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Stephanie BwaBwa is chasing after her characters who are doing their own thing. Pro tip: If your characters deviate from the outline, let them! Just remember to go back to the next point in your outline. Learn more about Stephanie’s work here.

Angela J. Ford is working on Fated and seeking out inspiration by reading fantasy books and playing video games. Learn more about her serial here.


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