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028: Book Launching Basics: Pricing, Pre-Orders and Planning
Book Launch Basics
May 1, 2020

028: Book Launching Basics: Pricing, Pre-Orders and Planning

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To pre-order or not to pre-order? 99 cents or full price? This episode covers book launching challenges authors face and simple steps to overcome them.


  • Should you pre-order or live launch? The answer may surprise you.
  • How established authors can use pre-orders, ad campaigns and newsletter swaps to boost sales.
  • The kinds of authors you should target when you’re releasing a book.
  • Why you shouldn’t have a one-day spike during your launch and what you should focus on instead.
  • 99 cents or full price? Pricing strategies for new and established authors.
  • The pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited and how to make money with page reads.
  • What authors often forget about when pricing their books.
  • How to avoid returns and low quality readers.
  • Understanding also-boughts and the dangerous of pushing your books on friends and family.
  • Using your review team to get more reviews.
  • Advertising your book and how to be successful with it.
  • Pro Tips for using Amazon Ads especially when you release a book plus how to track your ads to ensure you are profitable.
  • Is advertising necessary for an indie author?
  • The importance of newsletter swaps and how to use them to make your book launch effective.
  • How to use research for your book launch.
  • What to do after your book releases to keep it selling.
  • Social media strategies for authors.
  • The #1 takeaway for authors on planning a book launch.


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