Cowriting with Robert Zangari
029: How To Co-Write an Epic Fantasy Series with Robert Zangari
May 9, 2020

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Indie Author Lifestyle
Indie Author Lifestyle
029: How To Co-Write an Epic Fantasy Series with Robert Zangari

Interesting in co-writing an epic fantasy series? Robert Zangari takes us behind the scenes of cowriting a 12-book series with his dad.


  • The creative freedom of self-publishing.
  • How to take someone else’s vision and incorporate ideas to embellish the plot line.
  • The process of co-writing and whether you should write back and forth with your co-author.
  • How to combine two difference voices when developing characters.
  • Compromising when it comes to co-writing and how to settle disagreements.
  • Scheduling your epic fantasy series and determining how many books and how often to release.
  • Marketing tactics for an epic fantasy series including kickstarters, reader magnets and pricing.
  • Finding a constant source of constant inspiration and asking the question: What if?
  • Advice for authors who want to start co-writing but don’t know how/where to begin.


Robert Zangari is a fantasy fiction writer and co-author of the Legends of Kalda universe. He started his writing career in 2009 writing non-fiction but switched to writing fantasy novels in 2011 to help his father, Dan Zangari. Since 1991, Dan had been writing a fantasy epic but due to other responsibilities the work was never completed. However in 2011 Robert began working with his father. Together they created a new series based on Dan’s original concepts called, Tales of the Amulet.

Robert grew up in northern Utah where he attended Weber State University and the University of Utah, studying Bio-medical Engineering. He served a proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in eastern Tennessee. He currently resides in Utah, just north of Salt Lake City, with his wife, three daughters, and their dog, Chewie. When he’s not writing, he enjoys immersing himself in stories through a variety of mediums (Books, plays/musicals, TV, Movies and Video Games), practicing martial arts, spending time with his family and serving in his Church.


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