034: What Happens if you Don’t want to be a Full-Time Author
Dont Want to be FULL time author
September 21, 2020

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034: What Happens if you Don’t want to be a Full-Time Author

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What happens when you decide you don’t want to be a full time indie author? Listen in as we discuss how to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and why it might be a smart choice to ensure you have multiple streams of income.


  • Do you really want to be a full time author, if not, it is perfectly okay to have multiple passions.
  • Stephanie shares what clicked with her and why she wants to do more than write and publish books.
  • Angela shares about her time in corporate and the limitations that burned her out.
  • Why you need balance when working on multiple projects.
  • How to give yourself permission and enjoy working on passion projects.
  • Why you need to define what success means to you.
  • Creativity and vision are personal and you don’t have replicate someone else’s success.
  • Using the “7 levels deep” method to determine what is important to you.
  • Why you should give yourself the space to pivot and explore other creative endeavors.


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Stephanie BwaBwa’s grandmother passed and she is taking some time with family. She’s also pre-writing and plotting her next book, the sequel to Seraphim FallingLearn more about her books here.

Angela is celebrating the release of her fifteen book and solidifying her process. Sitting down. Writing. And getting it done. She also wrote 14,000 words of utter crap and has to spend some time pre-writing. Learn more about her books here.

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