035: How to Have a Blast Editing your Novel with Best Selling Author and Career Editor Tiffany Yates Martin
October 26, 2020

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Can editing be fun? Tiffany Yates Martin shares how you can have a blast editing your novel without the headache. Listen in to her tips on writing and editing your next bestseller.


  • From acting to journalism to editing and writing, Tiffany shares why it’s okay to transition and focus on a career that lights you up.
  • Why it’s smart to have another career, especially if it’s something you love, which allows you to express yourself creatively.
  • Spoiler alert: any one system doesn’t work for every single author each time.
  • Here’s why you should read widely and take nuggets from each system to make it work best for you.
  • The last thing you should do when it comes to editing.
  • How to get distance to ask yourself the right question when it comes to editing your book and fixing issues.
  • How Intuitive Writing helps you go from writer, to reader, to editor.
  • What needs to be on every single page of your story.
  • Why showing and telling are equally important!
  • What to do to keep yourself fresh and objective every single time you sit down to edit your story.
  • The value of an editor, beta reader and/or a critique partner.
  • Why you should cold read your own books.
  • Using the triage system to fix the biggest issues with your manuscript.
  • How to get the most value out of a professional edit.
  • Determining what kind of edit your book needs.
  • Making your work as professional as possible when you don’t have a budget for editing.


Developmental editor Tiffany Yates Martin is privileged to help authors tell their stories as effectively, compellingly, and truthfully as possible. In more than 25 years in the publishing industry she’s worked both with major publishing houses and directly with authors (through her company FoxPrint Editorial),on titles by New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestsellers and award winners as well as newer authors. She presents editing and writing workshops for writers’ groups, organizations, and conferences and writes for numerous writers’ sites and publications.



Stephanie BwaBwa tried pantsing and it did not workout, so now she’s plotting out her book and excited to hear what readers think. She is studying Creating Character Arcs by K.M. Weiland (grab it here). She’s able to spend less time world-building and more time developing her character. Learn more about her books here.

Angela J. Ford spending time writing and has released 16 books to date and is focused on enjoying the process. Learn more about her books here.

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