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036: BookSniffer: The New Marketing Tool For Indie Authors
November 9, 2020

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Indie Author Lifestyle
036: BookSniffer: The New Marketing Tool For Indie Authors

Meet BookSniffer. An app for book lovers and the new marketing tool for indie authors. Have you signed up yet?


  • The NEW tool to help connect authors and readers with out the headache.
  • What is BookSniffer, how much is it and where can you get it.
  • Why BookSniffer is the only app readers need to find out about book deals.
  • How BookSniffer rewards readers for sharing the app and allows them to redeem free books.
  • Where to find all the reading memes and quotes you’ll ever need.
  • The perks BookSniffer offers for authors.
  • How BookSniffer puts control back into the hands of authors.
  • BookSniffer is giving $1 million dollars away in free advertising, find out how you can earn an advertising credit.
  • If you’re list-building on BookSniffer, do you still need an email list?
  • Why you should sponsor a keyword on BookSniffer.
  • Are you focusing on visibility? Here’s why you should use repetition to reach readers and sell more books.


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Stephanie BwaBwa is in trenches of writing and wrapping up The Seraphim Resistance Prequels. She is working with a phenomenal designer and preparing to release her first book with the help of influencers. 2020 is not over yet! Stephanie recommends working on plans for 2021 and preparing for a successful new year. Learn more about her books here.

Angela highly recommends working on your plan for your business and ensuring you are ready for 2021. She also recommends reading this blog post by Kristin Kieffer. She is working on her epic fantasy novels for 2021 which includes writing an outline and putting together a glossary to stay organized. Learn more about her books here.

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