Book Coaching with Christina Kaye
037: Kick off your Author Career with Book Coaching with Christina Kaye
November 13, 2020

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Indie Author Lifestyle
Indie Author Lifestyle
037: Kick off your Author Career with Book Coaching with Christina Kaye

Does book coaching make a difference? Listen in as author and editor, Christina Kaye, shares how you can kick off a successful author career with book coaching.


  • Why it’s okay to treat writing as a side hustle so you don’t become a starving artist.
  • Where to start when you want to write a book but you have other demands on your time.
  • How to balance your priorities when scheduling writing time.
  • Allowing yourself to feel structured but not pressured when making a commitment to write.
  • Why you should NEVER compare your writing process to another writers.
  • Using discontent to help you pivot into a career you love.
  • Tips to create your own routine and become a successful writer.
  • How coaching can help authors actually finish and publish their book.
  • What you need to know before investing in a book coach.
  • Behind the scenes of book coaching and when you should hire one.
  • The benefits of hiring a book coach and where to find writing courses.


Christina Kaye was raised in suburban Central Kentucky by a family of creative right-brainers. She always enjoyed creative writing, even in school.

Her first book, Like Father, Like Daughter, won a national book award in 2017 and was named Suspense Novel of the Year by Indie Excellence in 2017, as well. It was the first book in her first suspense trilogy, The Flesh & Blood Trilogy. Since then, Christina Kaye has published several more books, and she has no intention of stopping any time soon.

Christina is also the CEO/Founder of Write Your Best Book, an author coaching and book editing service for authors. She speaks at several conferences each year, and she teaches creative writing at Carnegie Center in Lexington, Kentucky. She also hosts a podcast for authors called Write Your Best Book.

She lives in Kentucky with her two adult daughters, two rowdy pups, and a very fat cat.



Stephanie BwaBwa is starting the sequel to Seraphim Falling, her goal is to release it before the end of 2020. She’s decided to focus on one project at a time because she has less time to work on writing. She’s going from plotting right into drafting and her excitement for writing is back!  Learn more about her books here.

Angela J. Ford met all of her writing and pre-order goals and is taking a break to read and write out her ideas. She is still working on her short fairy tales: Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood. Learn more about her books here.

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